Service Terms and Conditions


Service Terms and Conditions


This Consent and Declaration is entered into by any between PACIFIC IMPEX LLC. (Hereinafter to as “B2CSHIP”) and the customer company signed below this Application. This Application is Effective from the signing date of the customer.
You agree that all B2CSHIP services provided to you are governed by B2CSHIP Rate and Service guide and B2CSHIP Terms and Conditions of Service available on https://B2CSHIP.US at the time of shipping (“B2CSHIP Terms”). Specially, you are acknowledged and agree with the following terms:
1. All cargo transportation shall be governed by B2CSHIP Rate Guide and B2CSHIP Terms & Conditions of Service effective upon shipping, and particularly, by the limitation of liability thereunder. B2CSHIP reserves the right to amend its service items at its discretion.

2. B2CSHIP will agree to accept cargo / express courier shipment only after adequate shipping documents required in B2CSHIP Terms & Conditions and Rate Guide are ready and approved.

3. B2CSHIP will only issue invoices titled in “Company Name” as per the Registration form. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that, for purpose of bill settlement, B2CSHIP will only provide you with invoices and freight particulars but will not provide originals of B2CSHIP waybills. If any payment for a service item is not made after invoicing, B2CSHIP has the right to suspend or terminate the credit terms. All other payment terms shall be subject to B2CSHIP Terms & Conditions.

4. For countries like India in which Duty is applicable for Import you shall ensure that there are Funds paid in Advance for Customs clearances. The amount of Duty paid as Advance will be determined based on Number of Shipments and the Average value of the shipments which are shipped by you.

5. You agree to keep confidential and not to publish or disclose to the public any term, customer rate hereunder, including the existence, conditions, and amount thereof, unless a disclosure is required by laws or consented by B2CSHIP in writing.

6. The Shipping Charges will be as per the Documented Rate Card offered to you and will be Valid until such time that time that there is a Change in Pricing. For any updates on Pricing B2CShip will advise the New Pricing 15 days prior to the New Pricing is enforced.

7. The normal delivery TAT will be 7 to 10 Business days from the Date of receipt of products in our warehouse.

8. For India Only Serviceable PIN Codes will be taken care of by the services of B2CShip. List of PIN Codes will be provided to you.

9. Shipments will be held in USA for Orders which do not have a Valid KYC (Know your Customer) which is a standard requirement for clearing B2C Shipments in India.

10. The Billing Cycle will be done weekly for which settlements will be made within 7 days of the generation of the Invoice.

11. Shipping Charges will be billed on the actual weight or the Volumetric weight (whichever is higher).

12. Any additional or Addon services which are required by the customer such as repacking solutions etc. will be charged for the packages for which the solutions have been provided for.

13. Products received in our warehouse must be packed well and sturdy for international shipping in order for the products to reach the end buyer intact. Incase changes are required for packing by you B2CSHIP will advise you about the same.

14. B2CSHIP reserves the right to adjust any fee and term according to regular analysis on the actual shipment characteristics of you.

15. Dangerous Goods (DG) such as products which contain liquids, Lithium-Ion Batteries and other products which qualify under “DG” products will not be shipped using the standard services offered by B2CSHIP. Also please refer to our list of Prohibitted Goods which are not allowed to be shipped by you.

16. B2CSHIP Terms & Conditions effective at the time of shipment of the cargo are a significant part of this Agreement. Its latest version (i.e., applicable version) is published on the B2CSHIP website https://B2CSHIP.US of the relevant country. Certain services on B2CSHIP website https://B2CSHIP.US are paid services. You hereby acknowledge that you understand the terms and conditions of using such services.

17. This Agreement shall come into force on the effective date and shall remain in force until terminated by either party giving 30 calendar days’ notice to the other party